In Memoriam

Robert “Bob” Harpe

February 28, 1946 – March 17, 2024

Bob Harpe started the original Savannah Railroad Prototype Modelers Meet back in 1999, and saw it grow from a few attendees to averaging more than 70 at its height. Always focused on the modeler, he was usually found sitting at a table full of models talking about how it was built and offering advice to other modelers looking to improve their own skills. A friend to all, Bob would go out of his way to help others with whatever project they were working on.

As Bob’s health declined, he decided it was time to bring the tale of the Savannah RPM to a close. Not wanting to see it disappear, a group of regular attendees came together to keep Bob’s meet going. With his blessing, we continued to host the Savannah RPM allowing Bob to focus on his favorite part of the meet – talking with other modelers.

We will continue to honor Bob at every meet going forward in recognition of who started it all.

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